This is the reversed played mode. The strategy fans will like playing this way! It's up to you to show to your opponents that you are the best of the bums! Get on the throne and become the King of Poo!

The first player who accumulates 5 or more poos at the end of his turn wins the game!


There are 5 different colors of poos. They can be played as much to oneself as to the other players.

The unicorn poo card has all the colors at once.
- It can replace any card of poo to realize a combination of the same color (Ex: 2 poos of the same color + 1 Unicorn poo = 3 poos of the same color that go to the Discharge).
- If there are 2 combinations of color, the Unicorn poo replaces both colors at once! (Ex: 2 poo spiced + 2 poo precious + 1 Unicorn poo = 2 x 3 poos of the same color so the 5 poos go to the Discharge!). The Unicorn poo card replaces all colors. It can also make 2 consecutive color combinations at the same time!

There are 3 types of Action cards :

Toilet card

It empties all of a player's poo cards into the Discharge pile. Cannot be played on a player who has the Constipation card on the table.

Constipation card

It prevents to empty its cards poos to the Discharge. Even if the player has 3 poos cards of the same color, he can no longer empty them. Only a Suppository card can cancel the Constipation effect. Arrange this card visibly near the targeted player.

Suppository card

Removes a poo card of your choice anywhere on the table then places it in the Discharge. Eliminates the effect of the Constipation card only after removing a poo card. (Other regulations then apply for color combinations). Remove the Constipation card from the receiving player and place the 2 cards in the Drain.

Special cases

- All cards can be played on any player, both to himself and an opponent.
- Whenever it is his turn, the player MUST play a card, he can not pass his turn. He is obliged to play a card of poo or action.
- A player may only play one card per turn. He can choose between an action card OR a card of poo. He can not play an action card AND poop during the same turn.
- A player plays his card during his turn only. No player plays a card on himself or on another player until it is his turn.

Layout of cards on table

- Each player accumulates the cards poos in front of him face up in his Pile of poo.
- Place the Library in the center of the table.
- Next to the Library is the Stack of Disacharge and the Stack of Drain.
- Discharge receives the cards poos eliminated and the Drain receives the Action cards. If the Library is empty, a new Library will be formed with the Discharge by mixing them.

How to survive?

Empty your cards of poo before being buried under a pile of 5 poos! A player who accumulates 5 cards of poos and who can not remove at least 1 during his turn dies.


During his turn a player can put on a 6th card of poo to get away with a combination of color. At the end of his turn, the player must necessarily have less than 5 poos in his pile otherwise he dies.
A player may not receive more than 5 poos before the start of his turn.

How to relieve?

A player can remove poo cards in one of the following 3 ways:

1- Empty his poo cards with a Toilet card (unless constipated!).

The Action card goes into the Drain, the cards of poo go in the Discharge

2- Gather at least 3 cards of the same color.

Poo cards can be removed when three or more of the same color are used. The poo cards goes in the Discharge.

3- Remove a card of your choice with a Suppository card.

You can remove a poo to yourself or an opponent.

How to play?

- At the beginning of the game, distribute 1 Toilet card and 1 Suppository card to each player.
- Mix the cards of cards with the action cards and distribute 3 additional cards to each player for a total of 5 per player.
- Players look at their cards and keep them in their hands without showing them to other players.
- A player starts the game. This can be anyone (the last one to have gone to the toilet in real life for example!). Or choose randomly.
- At the beginning of his turn, the player draws a card before playing.
- The player MUST play a card to another player or to himself. He CANNOT PASS HIS TURN and refrain from playing. All cards can be played to any player.
- The player can only play one card per turn (an action card OR a poo card)
- If the player plays a card, he places the card in front of the targeted player, face up. The targeted player keeps the card as well. This becomes his "poo pile".
- If the player plays an action card, the card does its action and then disappears into the Drain. Excepted for Constipation cards (see the Constipation card rule above)
- In the clockwise direction, the players draw and then play a card each turn until extinction.
- A player can receive more than 5 cards of poo. There is no maximum limit to the number of poo cards a player can receive.
- If the Library is emptied, the Discharge is mixed and a new Pick is created with these cards but this time the Library contains only poos! Watch the countdown to the death of all players! Continue to mix the discharge pile as needed when you empty the Library.
- A player wins if at the end of his turn he has at least 5 cards of poo in his Poo pile.

How to win?

Simply be the first to accumulate at least 5 cards of poo before the end of your turn!