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Choose your objective in life and try to reach it before 100 years of age, while helping your cause with good decisions or events and while trying to avoid those bad ones other players will throw at you! Each player add 5 years of age each turn at the beginning and can get old faster or slower.

For 2 to 6 players between 10-99 years old, Vievarium is a strategic, humoristic card game that brings players to measure the impacts of their actions in life and the consequences from the choices they make on their life’s happiness.

Teach early to kids understanding consequences of major events they might live while keeping a certain humour while playing the game.

Very simple to play and filled with strategies to reach your goal, Vievarium is inspired by real life events so the game is really fast learning how to play.

Vievarium is a game where all the games are different, like everyone’s life !

Have fun with your family or friends, simply !

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Photos: Lucie Choquet

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